Looking for Land..the unthinkable happened (Whatcom County)

What’s the story? Well it’s always been a dream to have our own land, have saved for a large down and we have been looking for just the right place, but everyone who lives here knows there’s not much left for sale anymore. We thought we had to time to keep looking, but alas our landlords are making our rental home into an Airbnb….womp womp womp….
So now we have about 80 days to find a place to live! I’ve seen all the listings that are available from realtors (and yes all real estate agents that will contact me to ask if we need an agent, we do not) and there is kind of a couple possibilities out there, but I don’t know, for some reason I think there’s someone out there that’s been thinking of selling and might see this. Or maybe something is for sale that I’ve missed.
What are we looking for? Well 5-10 acres, but won’t count out larger or smaller if it’s right, but not a small lot.
Would love at least a septic design, maybe a water share, shared well or already dug well, but if not we will just do refillable water tanks.
Would love some trees. We love Whatcom County
Unfortunately unless there is at least a septic design, proof of water and electric at the road, We cannot get a bank loan. So if we did decide on raw land it would have to be a cash sale (with a price point low enough to do that) or an owner contract for a small amount.
So even if it seems like what you might have doesn’t fit the bill totally and you want to contact us (a couple with a little dog, 1 duck, 1 little chicken and 1 big chicken) because you might just have a way to make our dream come true, please message me. We don’t have much time

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