Trump Vows Retaliation; Weaponized DOJ (North County)

I thought weaponizing the DOJ "was a bad thing" so then it's only a bad thing if furor is found guilty by a jury of his peers,34 counts ,unanimous verdict, jurors approved by his counsel, for crimes committed to pull the wool over those who elected him. he's just like Jesus, a Felon, not sure about that. maybe all the J6ers should be felon/saints too.
Never said "lock her up" now he's spewing from his pie hole "they said it, then I won and said so now let's quit saying that" Yeah sure mack that's the way I remember 2016, a jail cell driving around in the back of a pick up with a mock hillary in it, NOW as Trump dog whistles for his dogs to go on attack,a bound Biden was in the back of a pick up.
Violence is one hellava way to be the law and order crew,and back the blue, unless that is how you vote.
If you vote for a crook you get 100 more of the best crooks some already guilty felons recently pardoned in the highest offices in the land, Al Capone for Attorney General, Flynn, the one the judge ask"why is he not being tried for Treason" for Chairman of the joint chief of staffs. Sounds great Felon for President, why not just get real and say the 2024 campaign slogan is first comes Felon then comes Treason,you'll elect me for any reason. When he said he loves the uneducated it was not a compliment, just a rare true statement. When you flag it I will repost it with no capitals,periods,commas, i'll make it one long sentence so it makes more familiar. Viva El Salvador what next?

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