Extensive GoPro array (Ferndale/Bellingham)

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Either you've been wanting to bolster your GoPro kit, but haven't gotten around to it, or you are just curious, and want to try these awesome cameras. Whatever your passion and pursuit, this is your chance to get a real deal.

The 5 Black and 7 Black have both been babied all their lives, only went for moto rides when they were encapsulated in protective cases, tightened down for their deal lives, just shy of them screaming for dear mercy.

This large spread has so many options, that just about any configuration can be achieved with all the fittings. So many to choose from, but I won't list every bit. Instead, I'll tell you of some highlights, so you can tell how much value is jam packed into this whopping kit.

The specs for the 5 are in one of the images. I had the specs for the 7 but it disappeared. Easy to find on the GoPro website if you need to know.

17 new cards to record all your happenings. I bought them for a trip that never happened.
New Mic adapter didn't even get a chance to go outside.
Aluminum housings, for bomber protection, both with lens filters and lens caps.
Lots of other cases.
3 double-battery chargers.
8 GoPro brand batteries.

Since these models and accessories are past manufacturing dates, to set prices I searched on-line to find the same models, and checked what others are charging.

Here is what I found:
GoPro 7 Black - retails for $300.
GoPro 5 Black - retails for $400
Mic adapter - retails for $48
Aluminum cages - retails for $57 x2 = $114
Batteries - $20 x8 = $160
Never had a chance to check on chargers or cards, but not free.
This totals $1022, which doesn't include what was not priced out here, which is quite a bit.
So my very reasonable price is set at $500.

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