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Quilter Micro Pro 200 full stack guitar amp - $1200 (Ferndale)

Used Quilter MicroPro 200-12 and 1x12 extension matching cabinet. This amp is in excellent condition, fully functional without issue. Cosmetically clean!

This is the one that started it all. Even with the changes in the new MicroPro Mach 2 this 1st generation Quilter is an innovative, great sounding instrument in its own right. And the lights are better, too.

Quilter states it best:

“The MicroPro 200 twelve inch guitar amplifier is the most powerful of the pack. Pushing a powerful and articulate Celestion Classic Lead 80 speaker, you can just expect incredible tone. Great for overall power and lead work, this amplifier has a depth of tonal possibility you would expect from a dozen separate amplifiers. Weighing in at a mere 26 pounds, this amp is a breeze to take with you and will leave everyone stunned at what it is capable of. Pick this if you want a powerful lead amp or beautiful crunchy rhythm for blues and classic rock.”

Quilter MicroPro MP200-12 Guitar Combo Amp Features
Powerful: 100 watts per channel
Reliable: Won't degrade or breakdown
Consistent: Incredible tone at any volume
Flexible: Works with any impedance extension speaker or even without one
Tone: Used on countless tours and in the studio
Each MicroPro comes standard with a padded ballistic nylon slip cover and a two position foot controller
Awesome Classic Lead 80 Speaker
Built in America: Made in Costa Mesa, CA
Classic Lead 12"
With a higher output, full-bodied low end and a bold upper midrange presence, this speaker is ideally suited for a hard charging classic rock sound that cleans up beautifully when you need it. (26 lbs.)

Loud Clean Tone
The MicroPro features 400 watts of headroom, internally limited to 200 watts of continuous output. The extra headroom allows more warmth and brilliance, resulting in "bigger, cleaner watts". Electric and acoustic guitars sound big and full with sparkling highs and soaring sustain. The MicroPro 200 is a perfect canvas for emulators and effects and takes overdrive pedals very well.

Rich, Expressive Overdrive
The MicroPro's overdrive tone is rich with natural harmonics and responds eagerly to your playing dynamics, allowing for more expression and feel. The Presence control adjusts post-master highs for mellow or sizzling overdrive tone.

Switchable Two Channel Operation
Using the Mode switch or the optional foot controller, you can switch between the clean channel (Ch 1) and the overdrive channel (Ch 2) with its full range of boost, voicing and master volume functions. Independent master volume controls allow you to set the balance between the channels.

Authenticity with Adjustability
Vintage amplifiers often achieve amazingly warm, authentic tone with little or no equalization. The Quilter uses similar input and output impedances, resulting in the same "inherently authentic" response with the tone controls on 50%. Then Quilter adds a fully active 3-band Bass, Mid and Treble equalizer, thus combining the warmth and natural sound of early amps with the flexible voicing of modern amps. Unlike traditional "tone stacks" the controls are truly neutral at 50%, so any adjustments start from a good foundation.

Multiple Boost Options
A preset boost can be engaged by adjusting the selector switch, or by using the footswitch. The adjustable Boost control determines the gain jump, and the selector switch offers four boost voicings.
Scoop Boost - Low and high frequencies are emphasized with a scooped midrange, resulting in more chime and body without excessive midrange distortion.

Bright Boost - A fat treble boost increases bark and bite for an aggressive slashing overdrive.

Loud Boost - Boosts all frequencies, for a straightforward increase in overdrive and saturation.

Hot Boost - Boosts overdrive to the max,and filters the resulting distortion to emphasize highs and lows, for a full-bore assault on the senses.
Multiple, Selectable Effects Options
The Micropro not only offers a full platter of traditional on-board effects, but brings new life to outboard pedal collections.

Reverb (Level, Dwell, and Path)
A premium digital reverb chip offers superior clarity and dynamic range. Exclusive analog voicing captures the bright, airy sound of a vintage reverb tank, without the mechanical limitations and feedback problems of spring reverbs. The Level control ranges from subtle to "drenched". The Dwell control adjusts the decay time from a short "klonk" to a beautifully prolonged "heavenly choir". The Path switch allows the reverb to be assigned to four different locations in the signal chain for maximum flexibility and control of dynamic range. The footswitch bypasses the signal going into the reverb, so the natural decay time is not interrupted.

Tremolo (Rate)
The Tremolo rate adjusts from a very slow swell to a rapid pulsing. The depth is preset to match the most popular recorded examples, allowing for simple one-knob adjustment.

Voicing Modes (Mini, Tweed, Classic)
Each of these selections adjusts the amp's overall response and distortion characteristics, ranging from tiny "cigar-box" amplifiers, compact low-power vintage amps from the 50's, or popular full-size combo amps from the 60's. The settings may be used as foot-switchable effects, or left engaged as a full-time "personality".”

Imperial Guitar says:

“This is a great amp, No "modelling", no voodoo, no smoke & mirrors and most of all NO COMPROMISE. Just superior tone and performance in an analog solid state, ultra-light weight amp. Pat Quilter is not trying to get you to trade in your tube amps. But you'll probably find yourself using them less and less. “
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