Christmas in February! - $1 (Everson)

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Thank you for your interest in my listing. $1.00 is in the price box simply because CL will not allow you to leave it blank. Please see the listing below for individual item prices. Below you will find numerous items my family and I have decided are cluttering up the closets, bedroom, garage, etc., of our home so Spring into Summer Cleaning is well under way. Please check back often as items will be added as we get to the bottom of more and more closets, etc.! Items are described to the best of my ability but are sold with no guarantees, warrantees, etc.

I will try to remove items as they are sold so if an item is listed consider it still available. Ad responses will be answered in the order I receive them. Item asking prices are subject/open to Best Offers so if you are interested in something don't be shy about shooting me an email with an offer. Pictures will be added as time permits. Please feel free to ask questions, etc. Please also check/look for my other ads with other items listed by "category". When we get tired of listing items anything that remains will all go to Good Will! Best of luck in all your CLing.



Christmas Band figurines by Coventry Cove. 3 Boxes, NIB. $3.00 each
D56 - Heritage Village Collection - Nutcracker Vendor & Cart. Vendor is broken into several pieces, (but repairable
I think), but cart is OK. $5.00
Dept. 56 - Heritage Village Collection - Alpenhorn Player. Two boxes. $15.00 each. Works well with Alpine Series.
Dept. 56 - Heritage Village Collection - Chelsea Market Flower Monger & Cart. $5.00
Dept. 56 - Heritage Village Collection - Chelsea Market Fish Monger & Cart. $5.00
Dept. 56 - Alpine Village Series - St. Nicholas. $10.00
Dept. 56 - Alpine Village Series - At The Octoberfest. $25.00
Dept. 56 - Alpine Village Series - Alpine Traveling Band. $25.00
Dept. 56 - Alpine Village Series - Leading the Bavarian Cow. $20.00
Dept. 56 - North Pole Series - Candy Cane Shack - lights do not work. $10.00
Lenox, Created for Macy's Santa, 2020, edition. NIB. $25.00
World Market Nutcracker, 2011 Limited Edition, "Father Christmas" with ornament. $15.00
Santa's Workbench Collection - St. Mary's Cathedral - $10.00
Heartland Valley Village Lighted Porcelain Church - $10.00
Heartland Valley Village Porcelain Covered Bridge (not lighted) - $5.00
Heartland Valley Village Porcelain Deluxe Gazebo (not lighted) - $5.00

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