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kompensation: $50 for 2 hours

Epic models needed, exp. or not! Quirky, clever, nerds, dorks, ALL colors! Short hair, no hair, all orientations T-shirt models needed! TinyPökets is an ALL inclusive eco and socially conscious graphic shirt company........ with a distinct leaning toward female empowerment. Characters welcome! As the title says..... ALL races/colors/orientations encouraged to apply.
This company is brand new and is made here in Bellingham! Number one Rule...... "Have an epic life/Be the difference."
My vision/dream is to get TinyPökets established here in Bellingham which is where the shirts will be made, and then go to developing countries establishing TinyPökets villages there employing mostly/totally single mothers paying them 3-4 times what they would normally make while investing in girls education in those communities, because as we know girls futures in developing countries is bleak at best.
Please tell me if money was no object but u still had to work what would u do?
The ideology behind TinyPökets is "Less is More/All u need is Less", and also "Different is Better". I want my shirts to make people think(heaven forbid) and sometimes just to smile. We live in a most interesting time and this is my idea for making the world a better place.
$50 for two hours work. Please include at least two recent pics. NO instagram accounts or similar links.
So if my ideas inspire/motivate u then lets discuss.
Please tell me about yourself! The more info the better! and what u have to offer to the TinyPökets collective.
And remember.......Your either part of the solution.......
Have an Epic life!
Best, Todd

PS. Other artists, business people and creative types sought

The sayings at the bottoms are pictures of the actual silk screen screens. Ignore the color of the screens as it is irrelevant, the ink goes in the clear area where the words are.

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