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Obama has finally made his Legacy after 2 terms!!! (Alaska) [xundo]


re Presidential lies (GHB) didn't lie [xundo]

bikers vs cyclists [xundo]

mooch in paradise (kendall) [xundo]

re hypocrite [xundo]

Thanks for the laughs (Bellis Fair) [xundo]

Too bad (Background Stastic) [xundo]

Hillary is up to more tricks! (cell block 4?) pic [xundo]

Hey ugly (Peace and 420) [xundo]

tee RRUMMP! (wa and ny) [xundo]

Ugly [xundo]

Just another hypocrite using religion (to further his prospects) pic [xundo]

re; ignorant religious fuck (bham) [xundo]

ignorant religious fuck [xundo]

wedgies don't work anymore pic [xundo]

Bill already pitched a tent pic [xundo]

Re Wow bill wanna be (In your penis hole) pic [xundo]

rere school uniforms [xundo]

If I asked you for a dollar would you give it to me? (Bellingham) [xundo]

Homeless because of you (bellingham) [xundo]

Wow, a Bill wannabe - cannabass? Really? (Home) pic [xundo]

What's up Cannabass? (Background Static) [xundo]

re:re re thumper [xundo]

re; account vs. cash.... Once again Bill should do some research (America) pic [xundo]

RE: RE bible thumpers... [xundo]

School uniforms - OP here (United States) [xundo]

Re: school uniforms (Background Static) [xundo]

Louis Auto Glass Experience (Bellingham) [xundo]

Silver thief (Lummy) [xundo]

Bring back school uniforms (United States) [xundo]

Farmers market Bible thumpers [xundo]

Re: Moldy buds [xundo]

White Escalade Blonde Bimbo (Rural ave) [xundo]

Anyone want airbrush practice? [xundo]

walking funny [xundo]

Re: walking funny (Background Static) [xundo]

Gold Inifinty License# AUC4824 I'm not paying your parking ticket. (Rail Road AVE) [xundo]

Hey bill [xundo]